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Your hetero aroace woman who switches between: I like guys/I like both (rarely)/I like none (Actually I like NO ONE)

My edited pages:


(Buttercup's page was a candidate for deletion and plus they took their headcanons as canon while they added a lot of misinformations and also they added things that are not very child-friendly.)

Marge Simpson

(Marge Simpson's page was all a headcanon)

Princess Bluebelle

(Except for the kiss there is no other evicence that she is "lesbian")

Kelsey Pokoly

(I added a photo of her, copied some things from the wiki, added a lesbian flag,...)

Amity Blight

(Boy, I know that she is a confirmed lesbian, I just added a Luzbian photo of Amity)

Luz Noceda

(Another joke edit where I added a blightsexual photo of Luz Noceda)

Nathalie (Big Mouth)

(they wrote that: "She is a boy trapped in a girl's body", while she is actually a GIRL trapped in a BOY'S AMAB body!)

The Loud House

(They added Luna Loud as a LESBIAN!?! She is BISEXUAL!)

Louie Walters

(I added resources)

My made pages:




The day I joined:

2 September 2021

Sexualities I considered that I could be, unsucefully:





Heterosexual Biromantic

Bisexual Heteroromantic

Asexual Heteroromantic

Greysexual Heteroromantic

Inactsexual Heteroromantic


Straightflux (current sexuality)

Straightflux Heteroromantic-Cupioromantic (also current sexuality/identity)

Heteroflexible Straightflux Heteroromantic-Cupioromantic - "Pluric Attraction Model" (newest label)

Elaflux Aegoromantic- Hetero (maybe a better label)

Bifluid Aegosexual Heteroromantic Straightflux

Laimosexual Laimoromantic (still straight though)

Semi-heterosexual (ace-spec identity, I am not cishet!, also this label was made by me)

23 October 2021 edit: I just... realized that I am aromantic asexual. But I still can feel... the straightness. I am aroace (maybe quioromantic) and fictoromantic heteroromantic quioromantic. I am sex repulsed and romance ambivalent.

3 December 2021 another edit: I am Agensexual, Asexual (towards real life people) Dark Grey-Heterosexual/Acespike/Aliquasexual (when it comes to cartoon characters) Aromantic/Quoiromantic (towards real life people) , Grey-Heteroromantic/Aro-jump/Quoiromantic??? Ficto-Adexromantic/Lithoromantic/Hyporomantic (towards one specific fictional character)

18 December 2021: Ayye, Asexual Aromantic Dark grey elaflux aesthetic, Ficto-heteroalterous

19 January 2022: Yes so, Aromantic (towards real life people) Vultu-heteroromantic (towards one specific fictional character)- Green Stripe Aromantic, Agensexual, Asexual, Ansexual, Aspectussexual, Dysmosexual, Apothisexual, Dark Grey-Fictoflexible-Aegosexual-Black Stripe Asexual