just storing my profile code for another wikia here.

This was a gift from Dawn. please do no steal this code in ANY way. This code is only for Hell's use (If caught stolen, staff will be contacted!)
|My Carrd|
You can't pay my price.
Favorite non-explicit music.


Click my Pokefarm logged out? Doing that allows me to receive 1 Delta Point. If you join, mark HELL as your referrer? We both get big rewards!

Hello Template:Username, I’m just a former rollback on this wiki who comes on here every so often. I stalk walls, so don’t be doing any suspicious activity, you never know when I’m there! >:3

For Lucky! Badges I have the 223,000th, 381,000th, 389,000th and 423,000th edits.


-I joined FANDOM on May 1st 2019, however my first edit on this wiki was on May 31st 2019.
-I made my first discussion post in December 2019.
-I reached my 1 year anniversary on May 1st 2020.
-I reached 1000 edits in May 2020.
-I reached the leaderboard for the first time with 2,570 points on May 26th 2020.
-I obtained my first Lucky! badge on May 26th 2020.
-I became a member of staff on October 18th 2020.
-I changed my username from "ProdigyFan100" to "ItsHELL" on October 20th 2020.
-I reached the leaderboard for the second time with 3,270 points on October 28th 2020.
-I was demoted from staff on January 10th 2021.
-I reached 2000 edits on January 28th 2021.
-I reached 2222 edits on March 21st 2021.
-I reached my 2nd year anniversary on May 1st 2021.


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