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Frequently Used Code

  • {{Cquote|insert quotation here }}
  • {{Delete}}
  • {{Hangon}}
  • {{Pp-semi-protected}} (to semi-protect a page)
  • {{Pp-semi-vandalism}} (page is protected due to vandalism)
  • {{pp-template}} (to protect a template)
  • {{Speedydelete|reason}}
  • {{Unsigned|nickname|(time & date here}}
  • {{portalpar|LGBT|Gay flag.svg}} (another LGBT portal link box)
  • {{portal|LGBT|Portal_LGBT.png|boxsize=130}} (small LGBT portal link box)
  • {{portal|Intersex|Intersexuality.png|boxsize=130}} (small Intersex portal link box)
  • {{portal|Transgender|Transgender_Pride_flag.svg|boxsize=130}} (small Transgender portal link box)
  • Put this code on Documentation pages:

<includeonly>[[Category:(category here)|page name]]</includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation]]</noinclude>

Link Code

  • [[Wikipedia:word|word]] (links to Wikipedia page)
  • [[Wiktionary:fireman|fireman]] (links to Wiktionary)


  • {{Bi}} (Bisexuality topics side bar)
  • {{Christianity and sexual orientation}} (side bar)
  • {{LGBT}} (LGBT and Queer studies (side bar)
  • {{LGBT rights}} (LGBT rights side bar)
  • {{Religion and homosexuality}} (side bar)
  • {{Sexual orientation}} (Sexual Orientation side bar)
  • {{Transgender}} (Transgender side bar)


  • {{Bisexuality-footer}}
  • {{Canada}} (Publications, Community and resource centers, Events, Same-sex marriage Rights in Canada)
  • {{LGBT in Canada}}
  • {{LGBT in Canada-footer}}(same as above)
  • {{Events}} (footer – pride parade, pride picnic, gay rodeo)
  • {{LGBT-footer|rights=yes|history=yes|culture=yes}} (LGBT and Queer Studies footer: sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, history, LGBT culture, Law, attitudes & discrimination)
  • {{Same-sex unions in the United States}} - (Same-sex marriage footer)
  • {{Sexual Identities}} (Gender, Third Genders, Sexual Orientations, Sexual Identities)
  • {{Transgender footer}} (Transgender footer)

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