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Urszula Rosen is a fictional character on ITV British drama Footballers' Wives, played by Lucia Giannecchini.

Season 5

Urszula is a lesbian who engaged in a sexual affair with her boss Liberty Baker while Tremaine Gidigbi was in jail. Urszula is surprisingly calm about Tremaine walking in on them and spoiling their fun when he gets out of jail, and this worries Liberty as she feels Urzsula has other interests. Urzsula later books a weekend away to Paris for herself and Liberty. This is convenient because Urzsula is her personal assistant, and must accompany her. Here they are almost caught by Tremaine, but once again Urzsula stays calm. When they return to London, and after having lunch at an upperclass hotel, Urzsula suggests that they should book a room just for the day . Unluckily for Liberty and Urzsula, paparazzi are watching their hotel room and they take a snapshot of Urzsula's breast in Liberty's mouth.

Later, Urzsula and Liberty have sex on the night before Liberty's wedding instead of having a hen's night. Urzsula convinces Liberty that marriage is a good idea, as the papparazzi will leave them alone after that, and she's always been more attracted to married women. At the reception for the marriage, Urzsula is caught by Liberty making out with another woman, where Urzsula points that Liberty has everything and is spoilt. The only time when she risked losing everything was when she was with her, unluckily, Tremaine heard Urzsula say this. Urzsula said she never promised fidelity and then Liberty tells her to move out. As Urzsula is packing, she decides to take a little more than she came with, she takes boxes of jewelry and money etc and we find out she has several passports. Urzsula is a con-artist. Urzsula is caught by Tremaine at the car, and she tells him that everything he does for Liberty is very nice, but he will never love her because she wants a woman. She then leaves forever. Template:Footballers' Wives