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The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-American surreal comedy animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

LGBT Episodes

  • The Hug: In this episode Gumball is somehow pressed by Darwin, bound to be a friend of Hot Dog Guy and they hugs very often. In one point of the episode, they're sleeping in a tent near Gumball's house, and he wants to move Hot Dog Guy's hand on another side, because he do not let him sleep, so he puts on him. Then Hot Dog Guy wakes up, both make their smile and, with the camera in off seeing their shadows, they do their strange hug.
  • The Uncle: In this episode Ocho explains that his uncle Mario drove him to school which, after some clarification, causes Gumball to deduce that his uncle is the famous Mario and immediately demands that Ocho marries him.
  • The Pressure: In this episode Gumball goes to the treehouse expecting to kiss Penny, and Darwin is cornered by Masami. The other girls admit their boyfriends are not real, and Masami corners Darwin while trying to kiss him. As Gumball is about to rescue him, Penny grabs his hand and the two are about to kiss (willingly, this time). Meanwhile, Tobias and Banana Joe finish chopping the treehouse down. As the tree is about to fall, everyone but Gumball, Darwin, Penny and Masami escape. However, Gumball misses Penny and Masami gets out of the way of Darwin. Gumball and Darwin, both with closed eyes and puckered lips, unawarely kiss each other.

When the tree falls down, it crushes Banana Joe and Tobias. After the crash, Gumball and Darwin both comment on how great the kiss was.

  • "The Extras" and "The Love" feature unintentionally homosexual characters, an example being a male bird doing a dance to impress what he thinks is a female bird, only to realize he is mistaken. Richard is dressed as a woman in some episodes for comic effect.