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Same gender loving, or SGL, a term coined for African American use by activist Cleo Manago, is a description for homosexuals, particularly in the African-American community. It emerged in the early 1990s[1] and is often used by those who prefer to distance themselves from terms that they see as associated with "white-dominated" lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities.[2] The term includes both down-low and openly homosexual persons within the black communities. It is also considered by some to be more descriptive of emotional links between gay men than the identity "gay". Though the term was first used by Manago as an attempt to separate from what he perceives as the "gay, white establishment", its actual meaning is not race-specific.

In a 2004 study of African American men, most of whom were recruited from black gay organizations, 12% identified as same gender loving, while 53% identified as gay.[3] Men attending Black Gay Pride Festivals in nine U.S. cities in 2000 responded similarly, with 10% identifying as same gender loving, 66% as gay, and 14% as bisexual.[4]

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