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Same-sex attraction describes sexual or romantic attraction to members of the same sex. The term "same-sex attraction" is most frequently used when the term "gay" or "homosexual" is deemed to be inappropriate for some reason.


Ex-gay advocates

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The term "same sex attraction" is employed by advocates of reparative therapy and those involved with the ex-gay movement. Ex-gay advocates generally seek to make a distinction between homosexual feelings or behavior, and the person experiencing those feelings or engaging in those actions. They would not describe such a person as "gay", they would describe that person as "experiencing same-sex attraction".

Bisexual advocates

The term is sometimes used by bisexual advocates, who claim that certain uses of the terms "gay" and "homosexual" can imply that all those who experience attraction to the same sex are gay, and that this amounts to a form of bisexual erasure.

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