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Ron Suresha, pen names Ron Jackson Suresha and Ron Jackson, is an American Author and anthologist of books centering on gay and bisexual men's subcultures, particularly the Bear community.


Suresha was born in Detroit, Michigan. In a book chapter on bears of color, the author stated that he had some Native American ancestry.

Suresha and his husband (styled "husbear"), Rocco Russo, were legally married in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in October 2004. They live in New London, Connecticut.[1]

Suresha's nonfiction anthology, Bears on Bears: Interviews & Discussions (2002), includes 25 dialogues with 57 bear-identified men and bear-lovers from around the world, such as comedian Bruce Vilanch, porn model Jack Radcliffe, and Survivor star Richard Hatch. In the introduction, Suresha asserts that Bears on Bears is "the first interview book ... compiled primarily from online interactions" using Internet chat technology.

With Pete Chvany, Suresha edited the nonfiction book Bi Men : Coming Out Every Which Way (2006). Suresha has also edited several fiction anthologies: Bearotica (2002), Bear Lust (2004), and Bi Guys (2006). Suresha's two bisexual men's anthologies were named finalists in the 2006 Lambda Literary Awards (Lammys) in Bisexual Literature.

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