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Rick Sanchez is one of the titular characters of Rick and Morty. He is a drunken scientist and the grandfather of The Smith Family. He is an omnisexual. He is voiced by Justin Roiland.


The farthest known events of Rick's life is when he was a full grown adult. Rick was married to an unnamed, unseen woman and was the father of Beth Sanchez. For unknown reasons, Rick and his wife stopped being together and Rick had to raise Beth on his own. Shortly after Beth had married Jerry, and started a life of her own, Rick left her for unknown reasons, with there being no ways of contacting him and knowing where he was. After 15 years of being absent, Rick had walked right up to the front door of The Smith House. His presence brought tears of joy to his daughters eyes and when he asked to stay with them, he was granted more than approval. When asked the burning question as to why he left for so long and why he so casually came back, Rick dodged all of the questions, not wanting to even get into the topic. At this time, Jerry and Beth had brought up two children, a 17 year old girl named Summer and a 14 year old boy named Morty. Rick had settled in and was officially one with the family again.