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Queeruption is an annual international Queercore festival and gathering where alternative/radical/disenfranchised queers can exchange information, network, organize, inspire and get inspired, self-represent, and challenge mainstream society with DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas and ethics. Shows featuring queer punk bands, performance artists, and others are put on at night, while workshops and demonstrations take place during Queeruption days. Queeruption generally takes place in a different city in a different country every year.

List of gatherings

  • Queeruption 1 1998 London
  • Queeruption 2 1999 New York City
  • Queeruption 3 2001 San Francisco
  • Queeruption 4 2002 London
  • Queeruption 5 2003 Berlin
  • Queeruption 6 2004 Amsterdam
  • Queeruption 7 2005 Sydney
  • Queeruption 8 2005 Barcelona
  • Queeruption 9 2006 Tel-Aviv
  • Queeruption 10 2007 Vancouver
  • Queeruption 11 2017 Budapest

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