Neon Hitch (born May 25, 1986) is an English singer and songwriter. She was signed to Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem's label, The Beats, before it closed down. She was later discovered on MySpace by Benny Blanco, who flew her to New York City to work with him. Their work together earned her a music publishing deal with EMI and a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Neon's debut album, Anarchy, released July 22, 2016 via WeRNeon.

Early life

Born in Nottingham before moving at a young age to the countryside east of London, Hitch resented her parents for her birth name, Neon, and wanted to change it to something more conventional. Her father was a lighting technician. When their house burned down, her mother, Irene Gardiner, bought a caravan to live in. They then began street performing, making and selling jewellery and clothing around Europe, and consequently, she never attended school. By the age of four, Hitch was traveling and performing with the Archaos circus. At age of ten, she began writing poetry which led to her writing lyrics. Her boyfriend noticed that she could sing and encouraged her to hone her singing. By the time she was in her teens, Hitch was trained as a trapeze artist, fire swinger and stilt walker and had performed across Europe. Her family was featured in a BBC documentary. At the age of sixteen, Hitch moved to India for a few years before resettling in London to start her music career.