Namoli Brennet is a Tucson, Arizona-based trans/genderqueer singer-songwriter who has been touring the country since 2002 when she released her first CD. She has since released her albums on her own label, Girls Gotta Eat Records. Namoli has toured with artists such as Melissa Ferrick, Jill Sobule, Alix Olson, and Michelle Shocked. Namoli has been reviewed by various magazines, and her review with The Advocate is her most known.


Boy In A Dress (2002) Girls Gotta Eat Records

Welcome To The Afterglow (2003) Girls Gotta Eat Records

The Brighter Side Of Me (2004) Girls Gotta Eat Records

Chrysanthemum (2005) Girls Gotta Eat Records

Alive (2006) Girls Gotta Eat Records

Singer Shine Your Light (2007) Girls Gotta Eat Records

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