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Max Sweeney is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word. He is played by the American actress Daniela Sea. Max is a trans man who has a relationship with Jenny Schecter through most of the third season.

Season 3

Max accompanies Jenny on her return to Los Angeles from Skokie, Illinois. Max's butch gender identity and working class background clash with Jenny's circle of friends. Turned down for work as a computer programmer, Max begins transitioning with grey market male hormones and no medical assistance, and adopts the name Max. Now out, he gets a well-paying job as a programmer with the same company that turned him down pre-transition. His changing behavior causes friction with Jenny, who loses interest the more masculine Max becomes.

Season 4

Max gets medical and psychiatric support for his transition, and has an uncomfortable dating relationship with his boss' daughter. Later, Max comes out as transgender at work. In the ninth episode of the season, Max receives a phone call from home. His sister, Maggie tells him that his mother has died, but also tells Max that she doesn't want him to come home to attend the funeral. Hostility from his managers and coworkers from throughout the season prompt Max to quit his job. The season ends with him contemplating breast removal.

Season 5

Max, having decided not to have surgery, works as Alice's technical support and continues living with Jenny and Shane. He becomes suspicious of Jenny's new assistant, Adele. He sleeps with Jodi Lerner's sign interpreter Tom.

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