Male dominance, or maledom, refers to BDSM activities where the dominant partner is male.

Maledom scenarios are common in BDSM fiction, including works such as the Story of O and the works of John Norman and Adrian Hunter. Maledom is a growing adult film genre.

Maledom fiction began with the works of the Marquis de Sade who wrote about sexual scenarios in which men tortured others, primarily women. The term "sadism" is derived from de Sade's name. Since then, the lifestyle around male dominance and has grown into a large part of the BDSM scene.

Maledom scenarios in BDSM are conducted with the consent of the submissive partner which may or may not amount to legal consent and represent a defence to criminal liability for any injuries caused. Injuries are rare, though, as great care is usually taken in BDSM to avoid permanent damage to the submissive partner.


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