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Mások ("Differents" or "Others") is the name of Hungary's leading LGBT magazine, a social, cultural and human rights monthly, published since April 1991 (it published its 200th issue in November 2007). The word "más" (singular of "mások") in the Hungarian language, in some context is a soft hint about a person's homosexuality.

As of December 2007, it appears in 76 pages with news, reports, interviews, reviews, short stories, programmes, classifieds, and advertisements. Although it includes information relating to the entire GLBT community and is aimed at the lesbian and transgender audience as well, it is mostly bought by gay men (partly because of its male softcore pictures).

Mások is available throughout Hungary, at all major newsagents (it is not usually put in the shop window, though). Issues are stored and available in the archives of the two major Hungarian libraries (National Széchényi Library and Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library), and it is occasionally a point of reference for other newspapers.

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