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Katherine "Kit" McGraw is a fictional character on the FX Network series Nip/Tuck, portrayed by Rhona Mitra.

Character history

Kit McGraw is a sadomasochistic, nymphomaniac detective revealed to be one of two people behind the Carver attacks.

Season Three

Kit first appears as a British detective brought to Miami from Scotland Yard to investigate the crimes of The Carver, a serial rapist. She claims to be a widow, her husband having been murdered.

Kit immediately displays questionable methods of investigation, requesting that Christian Troy reenact his rape at The Carver's hands with her taking on the role of the attacker. She sleeps with Christian soon after they first meet, and goes on to take part in a three-way relationship with him and Kimber Henry. Kit proposes inviting another person into their arrangement, plastic surgeon Quentin Costa, but after Quentin makes sexual advances to Christian, their foursome falls apart.

Soon after, Kit arrests Christian on suspicion of being The Carver, after a used condom with his semen inside is found at a crime scene. Christian is only released when The Carver targets Kit while he is in prison, ruling him out of the investigation.

Kit goes on to save Sean and Christian from The Carver, who is unmasked as Quentin. Kit shoots him from behind, apparently killing him. Kit reveals that Quentin had a sister called Violet, and that their parents were siblings. As a result of the incest, Violet was born severely disfigured, and Quentin dedicated his life to repair her face. However, Violet died at the age of 29 before the corrections were completed.

After discovering that it was not Gina Russo who called the police to stop The Carver, Sean and Christian investigate Kit and discover from Quentin's old convent that his sister was not called Violet, but was, in fact, named Katherine or "Kit". Kit and Quentin had an incestuous relationship and committed the Carver attacks together, even carving each other during the year. Quentin was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was shot.

Kit and Quentin are last seen in Malaga, Spain, trolling for their next victim. Her British accent is revealed to be fake.


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