The Rev. Elder Jean White (died 8 November 2010) was the longest serving non-American Pastor within the Metropolitan Community Church. She was the first non-American elected to the denomination's Board of Elders. Having Pastored the original (and now defunct) Metropolitan Community Church of London for many years, and worked as the Director of World Church Extension of the denomination, Rev White now pastors Metropolitan Community Church in South London.[1]

Rev White was originally raised as a member of the Brethren Church. As she felt called to ministry, Jean served for many years in Macau and China as a missionary, nurse and midwife, before finally being arrested and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution with some other missionaries. On her return to the United Kingdom after her eventual release she came out as a lesbian and became involved with a group who would eventually join the newly emerging Metropolitan Community Church movement.

She was pastor of MCC, South London, at the time of her death on 8 November 2010, aged 69, following a battle with pancreatic cancer. She is survived by her long-time partner, Mary Smail, an accomplished church musician and MCC lay leader.


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