Jason Warner (left) and deMarco DeCiccio (right) of the gay Christian pop music duo Jason & deMarco.

Jason Warner (b. 1975) and deMarco DeCiccio (b. 1976) are the titular members of the pop music duo Jason & deMarco. Jason & deMarco are perhaps best described as a gay Christian rock band. They are partners not only in making music of a mostly inspirational/spiritual nature, but also in life, as sweethearts. Their journey has led them to go mainstream which by default will allow them to reach more people with their music.

A quote from Warner from an interview with the magazine the Advocate: "It is man that says Homosexuals will go to hell, not GOD."

According to their web site, Jason and deMarco met in 2001 in Los Angeles, and after dating for a year, they began making music together. They have released five albums and a single together as of 2006:

  • The Spirit of Christmas (2002)
  • Songs for the Spirit (2003)
  • Spirit Pop (2004)
  • "Trying to Get to You - the remixes" (2006)
  • Till the End of Time (2006)
  • Halo

Warner is a 1997 graduate of Lee University in Tennessee, and comes from a Pentecostal faith background. DeCiccio, who grew up a Roman Catholic, is a native of Canada and a 1999 graduate of York University.

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