James Getzlaff

James Getzlaff (born July 7, 1970 in Devils Lake, North Dakota) is an American reality television participant and actor. He is best known as the "leading man" from the 2003 Bravo gay dating series Boy Meets Boy.

Before he appeared on Boy Meets Boy, Getzlaff was a benefits administrator for a Los Angeles, California law firm. On the show, Getzlaff, with his best friend Andra Stasko, tried to select from amongst 15 "mates" to find love for James. Unbeknownst to them, several of the "mates" were actually straight. Midway through the series, James and Andra learned of this twist and also learned that if James were to select a gay "mate" the two would win a cash prize and a trip to New Zealand, while if he chose a straight "mate" James would win nothing and the "mate" would win the cash prize. Getzlaff selected gay "mate" Wes Culwell and won the trip and the cash.


Getzlaff and Culwell, prevented from being seen together in public following taping of the show, had difficulty maintaining the relationship and split shortly thereafter. They did not travel together to New Zealand.

In 2005, Getzlaff appeared in Real Gay, a "reunion show" on Logo, hosted by Kim Coles and featuring dozens of LGBT reality show "alumni" from many reality programs.


In 2004, Getzlaff appeared in the off-Broadway play My Big Gay Italian Wedding. He also had a starring role in the 2006 gay comedy Another Gay Movie.

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