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The International Conference on Bisexuality (ICB), also known as the 'International BiCon' is a periodic gathering of bisexual activists and academics from around the world.

Started by Fritz Klein and a group of fellow activists, the first ICB was held in Amsterdam in 1991 and followed the concept of a BiCon started in the UK in 1984.

After IC B2 was held in London the following year, the event moved to running every even numbered year. Despite its Dutch origin the event has maintained English as its sole official language and, apart from the first and fourth conferences, has been held exclusively in countries with English as the primary language.

Past events

Number Date Location Country Attendance Notes
1st ICB October 1991 Amsterdam the Netherlands 250 --
2nd ICB October 1992 London UK ? --
3rd ICB October 1994 New York USA 250 --
4th ICB October 1996 Berlin Germany ? --
5th ICB 3-5 April 1998 Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts USA 910 Held over 140 workshops, panels, or performances
6th ICB 25-28 August 2000 University of Manchester UK 265 This event was held in combination with the UK's BiCon 18
7th ICB[1] 25-28 October 2002 Sydney Australia ? --
8th ICB 5-8 August 2004 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 225 --
9th ICB[2] 15-18 June 2006 Ryerson University Toronto Canada 250 --

Future events

Number Date Location Country Notes
10th ICB[3] 24-27 July 2008 Kingston, Rhode Island USA with University of Rhode Island’s 14th Annual Symposium on GLBTIQA Issues
11th ICB 2010 UK --

During the 9th ICB the 11th ICB was announced to be in the United Kingdom in 2010, however the 10th ICB had no immediate takers.

A group of activists came together to work on the issue[4] and in early 2007 the 10th International Conference on Bisexuality, was confirmed for Thursday, July 24 thru Sunday, July 27, 2008, to be held on the University of Rhode Island’s[5] Kingston Campus[6] in beautiful midcoastal Rhode Island, USA. The 10th ICB will be hosted by The University of Rhode Island’s 14th Annual Symposium on GLBTIQA Issues.

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