Intergender is a non-binary identity used most commonly by intersex people. It is a gender that describes someone who feels in-between male and female or you could say neutral. Intergender was coined by intersex folks who identified as non-binary because of their body experiences being intersex and being neurologically intersex/non-binary.

"Intergender" was originally used simply to mean "incorporating both men and women," as in "intergender softball team." Etymologically, the word comes from the Latin word "inter-" meaning between or among. 

Some people associate the term "intergender" in its usage as a gender identity with the term intersex. Some intersex people also identify as intergender. 

Intergender falls under the Non-binary/transgender umbrella. Additionally, here is biological and neurological evidence of non-binary/intergender being just as real as female or male.

Younger folks more commonly use the term Genderqueer now although it is looked down upon by some who dislike usage of "queer".

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