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Indigo Robins is a fictional character from the game series The Sims. The identical twin sister of Violet Robins, the younger sister of Faith Talley, and the child of Emily and Taylor Robins. She currently resides in the city with her sister Violet, Joseph and her wife Abby.


The identical twin of Violet, Indigo has always loved to dance the ballet, and dress in the color of her name; at least before she high key ruined her sister's relationship so they could dance more. Before that happened, she had blond hair, and she wore clothes that where identical to Violet, just in the color indigo. She has a long face, indigo eyes, an athletic build due to her lifetime of dance, and she is probably our thinnest character to date. After the incident, she dresses in a very "hip hop" style, reflecting her new dance type. She also cut her own hair and dyed it brown, before later dying it the color of Indigo. She is a bit of a mopey person, but the love of her life, Abby has been helping her, as Indie helps her in turn. Indie later dyed her hair back to it's natural color of blonde, but kept it short. Indie had her first kiss with Abby in their teenhood but they aren't official yet. Indie also texted Abby, but she never replied which seemed to annoy Indie a little. However, at the twins' 20th birthday, Indie found out that Abby was sad, so she tried to cheer her up. This when she started looking different to her sister.


  • Dance Machine
  • Music lover
  • Good Manners