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Template:Infobox character Hazel Bailey is a fictional character on ITV British drama Footballers' Wives, played by English actress Alison Newman. Hazel is a lesbian, and slept with Tanya Turner during the second series.

Season 1

Hazel is first introduced as the new agent of Jason Turner. She also becomes a close friend of Tanya Turner.

Season 2

During a drunken night Hazel and Tanya Turner end up in bed together. On TV, however, there aren't any lesbian love scenes. All that you see in the series is Tanya and Hazel naked and in bed together. They don't even kiss in the series in real life but in the course of the story they sleep together. It is the first time Tanya has lesbian sex.

Season 3

Hazel goes to Thailand with Tanya and Frank on their honeymoon. Earls Park want to sign one of her clients Conrad Gates. So she gets Conrad a good deal. When Hazel finds out from Tanya that Frank Laslett is bankrupt, she takes the opportunity to buy Frank out. She becomes the new Chairwoman of Earls Park.

Season 4

Hazel, selling her shares, goes off to become a tennis P.A.

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