Gay Weddings is a 2002 American reality television series that aired on Bravo. The series, created by openly gay producers Kirk Marcolina and Douglas Ross, followed two lesbian and two gay couples as they prepared for their wedding ceremonies. Each episode combined interview footage of the individual couples and their families and friends with footage of the various couples going through their wedding planning activities along with video diaries from the couples themselves.


  • Sonja, 39, emergency room supervisor and Lupe, 32, marketing representative. Sonja has a son, Brandon, from a previous relationship. He is supportive of their relationship but they are nervous about telling him about the ceremony.
  • Harley, 28, sales and Scott, 32, consultant. Harley and Scott are marrying in Puerto Vallarta because that is where they first got together.
  • Dale, 32, entertainment lawyer and Eve, 30, graduate film student. Dale feels that her family doesn't support her marrying a woman whereas they would were she marrying a man.
  • Dan, 37, film studio global marketing executive and Gregg, 35, vice-president of an LGBT travel company. They fell in love while on a safari to Africa that Gregg organized.


During the series' September 2 premiere, Bravo inadvertently ran a commercial for "family restaurant" chain Applebee's during Gay Weddings, despite Applebee's having asked not to have its advertising placed in the series. Right-wing advocacy group Focus on the Family criticized Applebee's as an advertiser. Bravo acknowledged that the ad was placed in error and no additional Applebee's ads ran during the series. The LGBT media advocacy organization Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called Applebee's request not to have its ads run during Gay Weddings disappointing and suggested that Applebee's ran a risk of alienating a significant customer base.