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Female refers to the assigned sex of a species that produces eggs. Female humans are most notably identified by higher levels of estrogen, and the presence of a vagina, uterus, and ovaries. [1] Though these features are not reliable indicators of one being female. Female humans are usually referred to as women.

However some transgender people consider themselves female due to their gender identity. This sometimes can result in confusion and disagreement of definitions between people who support transgender people and their identities and those who do not.

Role in society

Main article: Gender roles

Typically throughout history, women have been seen as mothers, who's key responsibilities to her family and society were to give birth to and raise children; whereas the man's job typically has consisted of providing for the family. As time has progressed, however, this has gradually changed into how it is commonly seen today: where the male and female share most responsibilities, including working and raising child(ren); or it might even be seen reversed, for the woman to be working and providing for the family while the father stays home and takes care of the child(ren).