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Fake is a seven-volume "Boys' Love" (shōjo with homosexual male themes) manga by Sanami Matoh. The story focuses in a romance between Randy "Ryo" Maclean and Dee Laytner, two New York City detectives from the fictitious 27th precinct. An anime version of the fifth act (or chapter) from the second manga is also available, in the form of an original video animation.

Randy "Ryo" Maclean, a half-Japanese cop, is new to the 27th precinct, and he is partnered with Dee Laytner, an American with an overconfident attitude. The seven-volume manga details their adventures as police in a violent city and delves into each's past, as well as developing their slowly-building relationship. The final volume contains yaoi, and the first six volumes are mostly of a less intense, shōnen-ai nature.

Other noteworthy characters are Bikky and Carol, two kids who have lost their families and have been taken in by Ryo and subsequently by Dee. A few of the acts focus on the very sweet young love that develops between those two. J.J. and Drake are other detectives from the 27th, and J.J., completely obsessed with Dee, becomes quite jealous of Ryo, and that of course makes for some interesting moments throughout the manga. Berkeley Rose has a similar fancy for Ryo. He isn't shy about it either, going so far as to steal a kiss whenever possible, much to the irritation of both Dee and Ryo.

FAKE is widely renowned to be a classic of the shōnen-ai/yaoi genre in manga and anime. The manga itself mainly focuses on various cases Ryo and Dee have to solve, many of which become quite personal, allowing for convenient flashbacks to Dee's and Ryo's troubled pasts.

FAKE's English translation is published by TOKYOPOP. All seven volumes are available in English. The one-off sequel "Like, like love" is only available in Japan as a part of an art book by Matoh.


  • The 27th Precinct is also the home base for the detectives of Law & Order.

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