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Ethan Slade is a fictional character from the game series The Sims. A character created by one of Clare's fans, Bluebwerry, for the #claresiobhanvampires tag. He was introduced in the second episode of Vampires. Ethan met Samuel Blaze Villareal during the second episode of Vampires. The two quickly hit it off, and Sammy invited Ethan to his house that night. While kissing, Ethan bit Sammy and drank some of his blood. Due to vampire and witch lore, this meant that Sammy then had control over Ethan. In episode 3, Sammy B found out that he had control over Ethan by lore, and Ethan was more of a pet towards Sammy now, as well as a love interest. Ethan had no idea that Sammy B had a thing for his human friend Braylen Franklin and was also unaware that despite Sammy and Braylen having negative love, they still kissed when they met up again.