Erik Rothman is a main character from the LGBTQ movie Keep the Lights On. He is a Danish artist living in New York City where he meets Paul Lucy. Erik sees Paul, and tells him about how he broke up with his ex-boyfriend Paolo. In 2006, after not having seen each other for about a year, Paul meets Erik at a diner, where both seem better than before. He then invites Paul to spend the night at his apartment, to which Paul agrees. Erik later runs into Igor on the street, and the two have a drink at a bar. While spending time together in the countryside, Erik asks Paul how he feels about their relationship, only for Paul to turn aggressive. Paul gives Erik an ultimatum, stating that he has a few hours to decide whether they move in together, or break up. Erik decides that they should move in together, only to drive to Paul's apartment in the city in the middle of the night to tell him that he's changed his mind. He walks Paul to work and Erik admits that he still loves him, although Paul is skeptical. The two hug, and Paul tells Erik to be well.