Edge on the Net, also Edge Publications, shortened to EDGE, is a network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) news and entertainment portals, owned by Edge Media Network. A nationwide network, they are based in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] They expanded from the Northeast starting in 2004 and now serve the entire U.S. with a presence scaled for local and regional markets, they partner with established LGBT print publications in each city.[2] As of August 2013 they have portals in 22 major metropolitan areas.[2] In 2009 the company launched an iPhone app to allow users to download original LGBT news content to mobile platforms, they added a free app for Android devices in April 2011.[3][4] Publisher and CEO David Foucher stated it was the first of its kind, allowing people worldwide to access LGBT content globally.[3] In September 2011, Edge launched the first LGBT digital news and lifestyle magazine for the iPad.[5]

As of February 2014 they have 22 metropolitan areas served with customized content of local, regional, national, and international  presenting local, US national and international news and information targeted to the LGBT community. Edge customizes apps for LGBT Pride and other LGBT-focussed events, as of February 2014, there was over 50 available, each, for iPhone and Android, with about half for Pride events.[6]


Edge Boston was launched in 2004, in October of that year, a channel called "Style" was added, with additional features "technology, home fashion, feng shui techniques, healty & beauty products, and corporate news."[7] In addition to the other eight channels at its portal, Edge added a weather service, with integrated forecasts, local, and regional reports.[8]

In 2006 Edge had a "network of GLBT local online magazines" in eight market in the Northeast with over 550,000 readers per month in major cities.[9] In October 2006 they partnered with New England's Bay Windows, a print publication, that took a "substantial equity position" in EDGE's corporation.[9] Co-publishers on Bay Windows  Sue O'Connell, and Jeff Coakley, will oversee new marketing and advertising sales promotions.[9] David Foucher, EDGE's publisher, noted the two media groups had collaborated in the past.[9] Bay Windows is distributed in the six New England states; Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, through a distribution network of 575 locations.[10]

In 2009, William Kapfer was named executive vice president of community marketing.[11] Previously Kapfer served as Co-President of Window Media, as the publisher of Genre Magazine, he also worked as the Merchandising Director for Travel + Leisure, and Harper's Bazaar magazines, he also worked at the Seattle International Film Festival, and as publicist for Miramax Films, and in the newsroom at the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.[12]

In April 2009 David Foucher was the publisher and CEO, he announced the launch of the EDGE iPhone app which allows mobile access to its original content.[13] A June 2009 article written by EDGE national news editor Michael K. Lavers, titled "Gay Print Media on the Wane: The Internet spells doom for many long-established periodicals," was criticized for misreporting events around the closing of the Washington Blade, and Atlanta-based Southern Voice.[14] Lavers was also criticized for not noting that both publications have staff that have started new LGBT news projects; DC Agenda in Washington, DC, and a new Southern Voice, and a new Georgia Voice, in Atlanta.[14] The story also characterized the decline of print LGBT media, which was accurate, as there was a decline in combined circulation down 27.6 percent from 2008 to 2010, however revenues were up, as well as the number of LGBT titles.[14] In May 2010, Edge had the exclusive first LGBT media interview with country singer Chely Wright, who had come out publicly in People magazine a few days earlier.[15] In July 2010, Steve Weinstein, editor in chief of EDGE, noted that as a writer he has written for both The Advocate, and Out (magazine) for over 18 years but due to the companies' parent company Regent/Here Media, he was still due payment for work published in 2009.[16] Both publications stopped print editions soon after. In 2010, former online columnist for Edge, Sebastian Fortino, became the new features and lifestyles editor.[17]

In 2011 Edge launched the first LGBT digital magazine for iPads.[2][18] The company also creates apps for gay pride organizations, and charities.[2][19][20][21][22][23]

In July 2011 Edge covered the national same-sex marriage in New York story as gay and lesbian couples were wed when the Marriage Equality Act took effect at midnight.[24] Immediately couples were wed, and Edge, which has portals in Fire Island, and New York, interviewing town clerks, and couples getting married.[24] Edge's vice president of sales noted that ad revenue around married had risen, specifically destinations for weddings.[24]   

In 2012 Edge partnered with Navigaytour, a publisher of gay and lesbian destination guides, both print and online.[25] Navigaytour operates in Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego and Pittsburgh, and will also produce destination guides for special events like the 2012 International AIDS Conference, as well as for the cities.[25] In 2012 there was an increase in LGBT reporting on the Republican presidential primary over previous elections, tied to LGBT issues like same-sex marriage being discussed.[26] The first-in-the-nation primary was held in New Hampshire, and national news editor Michael K. Lavers, was sent to cover the story leading up to the 2012 Republican National Convention.[26] Lavers noted, "The takeaway issue is that gay voters are concerned about many of the same pocketbook issues that are on the minds of most Americans, jobs and the economy, or getting out of the war in Afghanistan."[26] Lavers said that gay marriage remained a recurring issue, and he spent four days following former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who is known for his controversial remarks against LGBT people, which led to santorum becoming a national joke when it became a top internet search result displacing the Senator's official website on many search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, and Bing.[26][27] Lavers also noted Santorum was distancing himself from his former comments, and softened his stance on same-sex marriage.[26]

Regional online publications

EDGE partners with established print LGBT publications to supply local news and interest stories.[28] EDGE also allows their original LGBT news and culture content to be downloaded and read offline, whereas most competitors provide republished feeds from news sites.[28]

  • Edge United States
  • Edge Atlanta, launched in September 2009,  becoming the fourteenth major online publication.[29]
  • Edge Boston, partnered with Bay Windows, the first Edge publication launched in May 2004.[30][31]
  • Edge Chicago, partnered with Windy City Times, launched in November 2007, becoming the eleventh major online publication.[30][32]
  • Edge Dallas, launched in September 2007, becoming the ninth major online publication, partnered with Dallas Voice[30][33]
  • Edge Denver
  • Edge Ft. Lauderdale, is launched in March 2007 along with Edge Miami, becoming the seventh and eighth major online publications.[34]
  • Edge Fire Island, launched in June 2008.[35]
  • Edge Las Vegas, launched in April 2008, becoming the 10th metropolitan area served, with QVegas, the LGBT voice of Southern Nevada since 1978, as its partner.[30]
  • Edge Los Angeles, launched in December 2007, becoming the twelfth major online publication.[36]
  • Edge Miami, is launched in March 2007 along with Edge Ft. Lauderdale, becoming the seventh and eighth major online publications.[34]
  • Edge New England, launched in August 2005, becoming the first regional portal for the network.[37]
  • New Orleans
  • Edge New York, is launched in February 2006, becoming the network's fifth major online publications, they partnered with Next Magazine[30][38]
  • Edge Orlando, launched in January 2010, becoming the fifteenth major online publication.[39]
  • Edge Palm Springs
  • Edge Philadelphia, launched in October 2006, the sixth major online publication.[40]
  • Edge Providence, launched in September 2005, the fourth major online publication.[41]
  • Edge Provincetown, was launched in May 2005, becoming the second metropolitan area in the network.[42]
  • Edge San Diego
  • Edge San Francisco, launched in September 2007, becoming the tenth major online publication partnered with the Bay Area Reporter[30][43]
  • Edge Seattle, launched in February 2011, in partnership with OUTview, becoming the sixteenth major online publication.[44]
  • Edge Washington, DC, launched in February 2009, becoming the thirteenth major online publication, they partnered with Metro Weekly, an ward-winning LGBT news magazine that has covered Washington, DC since 1994, and distributes to over 700 locations in the metropolitan area.[45]


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