Rev. Elder Diane Fisher serves as an elder (something broadly like a bishop) of the Metropolitan Community Church. She serves Region 5, which covers eastern Canada, the northeastern United States and much of central and eastern Europe.

Fisher is based in Massachusetts, although she is a Canadian citizen. Prior to becoming an elder she served as pastor of a Metropolitan Community Church in Belleville, Ontario. She is a graduate of The Centre for Christian Studies, a theological school with roots in the United and Anglican churches of Canada but recognized as a seminary by MCC. The school has had a long tradition of openly accepting and supporting gay and lesbian students.

She has been active in the fight for LGBT rights, including the campaign for same-sex marriage. She and her spouse Judi were married in Massachusetts in 2004. She has a daughter Karli.

In 2005, Fisher worked with the MCC congregation in Bucharest, Romania, who lead international protests against the banning of that city's gay pride march, threatening to march illegally if the city would not give permission. Eventually the city authorities gave in and Fisher marched through Bucharest with members of the local LGBT community.