Delores P. Berry

Delores P. Berry
OccupationMinister, musician

Reverend Delores P. Berry is a U.S. musician and Christian minister.

Early years

Entering ministry within the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church she subsequently transferred her credentials to the LGBT affirming Metropolitan Community Church when she came out as a lesbian.

Political activism

Berry has been involved in the struggle for LGBT equality. In 1978, she was one of the co-founders of the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays. She assisted in organizing the first gay and lesbian "March on Washington" in Washington, D.C. and assisted in organizing the first People of Color Gay and Lesbian White House Conference.

Pastoral work

Berry has pastored Metropolitan Community Church congregations in Baltimore, Maryland, Portland, Oregon and Norfolk, Virginia, and since 1987 has concentrated on musical evangelism. She has recorded several CDs.

Awards and honors

In 2006, Berry was the first recipient of the Rosa Parks Award, presented at the 2006 Metropolitan Community Church People of African Decent Conference.

Personal life

Her lifetime partner is Judy K. Kiser, with whom she has been for 22 years.

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