Darcy Megan Stanger, (born 1971 in Caldwell, Idaho), known professionally as Dame Darcy, is an American graphic artist, cartoonist, and musician. Her comic book, Meatcake, has been published by Fantagraphics since 1993.

Dame Darcy attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Her visual aesthetic has been equally influenced by underground cartoonists and illustrators in the Victorian tradition like Sir John Tenniel and Edward Gorey.


She is also a musician and performer of unique and experimental combinations of bluegrass music, Americana, classic Expressionism and transgressive aesthetics. Her collaborations with Caroliner Rainbow, Lisa Crystal Carver's Suckdog, Rock Rock Chicken Pox and heavy metal author Ian Christe in Grouse Mountain Skyride have inspired members of the avant-garde such as Thurston Moore.

Her newest music group is, Death By Doll, whose other core member is Skippy Spiral. The band has also included Aaron Detroit. Death By Doll's now-completed debut album Gasoline, features songs based on Dame Darcy's graphic-novel and in-development feature-length film of the same name, and was released on October 31, 2006 by Emperor Penguin Recordings.

Turn of the Century, Darcy's weekly television collaboration with Blessed Elysium's Lisa Hammer, lasted from 1996-1999, on New York Public Access. The pair created hundreds of hours of original drama and comedy in a German Expressionist style, utilizing New York underground personalities like Jennifer Nixon (aka Queen Itchie), Peter Moran, Bliss Blood, Banjo Pete, Miller Duvall, Secretary Jenny, Cynthia Mitchell, Patrick O'Clock (aka Patrick Hambrecht), Jasper McVain, Daisy Miller, Li'l Sweetie, Countessa Cinorre, and Duchess Daria (aka Daria Klotz), among others. The show also randomly featured celebrity actors like Thurston Moore, Courtney Love, and Tiny Tim in its Caligari-like featurettes. New York Magazine cited the show as the best public access show of 1997; it has since been released in a retail "Best of" Collection and is syndicated on public access stations across the country.

Dame Darcy is now bi-coastal. She now calls New York and Los Angeles home. Her next graphic novel "Gasoline"-An Environmentally Conscientious Rock and Roll Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale of Witches and Family will be released October 2008[citation needed] by Merrell Books. A feature film is currently in development.[citation needed]


Dame Darcy ( Death By Doll )

  • Gasoline (2006) Emperor Penguin Recordings
  1. The Fall
  2. Down Below
  3. The Flame
  4. Ladies Isle
  5. Aquaducts
  6. Gasoline
  7. Towing Jehova
  8. Greenfields
  9. Indigo
  10. Dot Dot Dot
  11. The Stars Fall Tonight
  12. October 31st
  13. Flame Meditation
  14. Lock Groove


Dame Darcy has appeared on the dating shows Blind Date and Third Wheel. She was featured on the show "Flavor Of Love 3: You Cast It!"

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