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Conservatism refers to any political, economic and social tendency to maintain and preserve the present status quo rather than give way to any degree of change.

Conservatism and LGBT

In countries where a religious or ethnic conservatism has prevailed as a dominant social order aspect, LGBT populations tend to receive worse treatment or less guarantee that their human rights could be respected, or that their lives could be preserved, when knowledge of one's non-heteronormative sexual orientation is made known publicly. Conservative organizations, laws and acts of violence often tend to serve as a primary bastion of opposition against the granting of civil rights to LGBT citizens.

LGBT conservatism

In countries or regions where LGBT populations enjoy more extensive civil rights assurances, the LGBT population may become split along ideological lines of a political or social nature, and LGBT conservatism may appear as a sociopolitical force.

While severely disagreeing with other conservatives concerning the enshrining of civil rights for sexual minorities, LGBT liberals and LGBT conservatives may take or assume sociopolitical stances that typically "belonged" to the usually straight, while, male-dominated conservative organizations, such as anti-immigration stances.

They are often pejoratively referred to in the American media as "homocons".



  • A Place at the Table, by Bruce Bawer
  • Homocons: The Rise of the Gay Right, by Richard Goldstein

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