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Conrad Gates is a fictional character from the British TV show Footballers' Wives, played by Ben Price.

Season 3

He is briefly married to Amber Gates, but he files for divorce after he has an affair with Tanya Turner, however, Conrad also has an affair with Noah, a gay teammate at Earl's Park FC during the season, without any knowledge of this affair ever reaching Amber. Tanya, however, has her suspicions and finds a way to out Noah so that he keeps away from Conrad.

Season 4

It is not, however, just Tanya and Amber whom he is bedding; teammate Bruno Milligan walks in on him having sex with a golf cadette during their break in Spain (2005).

At the start of series 4, Gates is accused of rape‏‎. Soon afterward, Conrad and Tanya get engaged but then he finds out that Tanya switched her baby with Amber's at birth, in order to fool Conrad into thinking he is the father of her baby. On her engagement night, Conrad kicks Tanya out of the house and sends her away to South America. He quickly rekindles his love with Amber, and they move back in together, just when they have gained some stability as a couple however, Conrad is accidentally shot by Bruno Milligan, when he and Bruno go on a search for Lucy Milligan who has been kidnapped by Giles Arrowsmith.

Footballers's Wives Extra Time

At the beginning of the first series we find out Conrad has died, he appears in flashback sequences as Amber is regressed in Series 5. A stand is made at Earls Park in memory of the captain.

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