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Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury is a character from the CW series Supernatural. Born Celeste Middleton (1985 - 2015), Charlie was a hacker-turned-hunter. She first appeared in the 20th episode of seventh season of the show, "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo". Her employer, Richard Roman, turns out to be an evil being called a Leviathan. When the main characters of the show, Sam and Dean Winchester, arrive to defeat the Leviathans, they ask Charlie for her help. The two were previously trying to find a hard drive and, after tracking Charlie to her apartment, try to convince Charlie to help. Charlie, upon finding out they want her to hack into her boss Roman's private email server, is less-than-thrilled because it entails breaking into his office, but she eventually agrees. While attempting to break into Roman's office, she runs into a male security guard. Dean, via the communication van he and Sam are in, tells her to flirt with him. Charlie says she has no idea how to do so and reveals she is only attracted to other women, to which Dean attempts to help her flirt with the guard to Sam's amusement. Charlie manages to get into the office and download the email, sending them and the contents of the hard drive to Sam and Dean. She also sends a fake email to pretend a package for Roman is arriving a half-hour later than it actually is, allowing time for the Winchesters to plant a borax bomb in its place (as borax reportedly harms Leviathans). The bomb explodes as Charlie is on her way out. Roman is unharmed and locks down the building, trapping Charlie. Unbeknownst to her, Dean has placed a flask tethered to the spirit of Bobby Singer, a former hunter, into her bag. Bobby shatters the glass doors and attacks Roman, allowing Charlie to escape with only a broken arm. At the end of the episode, Charlie is waiting to board a bus to an unknown location. She tells the Winchesters she has disappeared before and tells them not to contact her again.

In the 23rd episode of the seventh season, the Winchester brothers use what Charlie taught them to hack into the company's security cameras, allowing them to finally defeat the Leviathan Richard Roman.

Charlie does not make another appearance until the eight season of the show. In its eleventh episode, "LARP and the Real Girl", Sam and Dean Winchester are drawn to a live-action roleplaying group after hearing of deaths of two of the role-players. Upon seeing Sam and Dean, Charlie panics. She has since come out of hiding after Richard Roman's death and his company's subsequent bankruptcy, but doesn't want to become a monster target again. Sam and Dean explain their suspicions about the deaths of the two players and Charlie agrees to help. Sam opts to do some computer research while Dean poses as a player with Charlie. During the episode, Charlie is taken hostage and wakes up in a tend she is unable to leave. She is frightened by the masked figure who captured her until the figure is revealed to be a beautiful woman named Gilda. Gilda explains that she is a fairy forced to do her master's dark bidding again her will. Charlie is smitten with Gilda, who tells Charlie that a hero must destroy her master's spell-book in order to break the spell. Eventually, Sam and Dean arrive to rescue Charlie alongside another player called Gerry. Gilda says Gerry is her dark master. A fight breaks out after Gerry confirms he has been doing this to "win" the game and have Charlie choose him as king. He killed the two players for cheating at the game. During the fight, Dean is able knock the spell-book to the ground. Charlie then stabs the book with a knife, freeing Gilda and stopping Gerry. Gilda, after a parting kiss with Charlie, depart with Gerry into her world. At the end of the episode, Charlie returns to her LARP group as Queen. She says she will use her current identity and stop running. She also tells the Winchesters to call her if they need help. The episode ends with the battle between Charlie's group and the rival group with Sam and Dean joining in. Dean plagiarizers the speech from the movie Braveheart. When Charlie asks Sam, he tells her it's the only one Dean knows.

Throughout her time on the show, Charlie shows romantic attraction only to women. She has a sibling-like relationship with the two Winchester brothers and eventually becomes a full-fledged hunter, earning herself a hunter's burial when she dies later on. An alternate version of the character appears later on, retaining many traits of the original Charlie, but has a long-time partner named Kara.