Cannon and Saber are fictional characters who appear in the DC Universe. As freelance assassins, they were adversaries of DC's anti-hero, Vigilante.

Character biography

When they debuted in Vigilante #5, Henry Cannon and Marschall Saber were a pair of assassins who wanted to be free agents. Cannon was employed by a mob boss called Rinaldi, while Saber worked a boss named Liebowitz. With the cooperation of District Attorney Marcia King, the pair set out to kill each other's bosses, knowing full well that King would intervene on their behalf.

When Vigilante (Adrian Chase) learned that the pair had been set free and recommended for the Witness Protection Program, he followed them to their apartment and confronted them. After a brief fight, Saber and Cannon managed to bring Vigilante down. Before they had a chance to kill him, they were nearly killed themselves by the Electrocutioner. They were rushed to the hospital, but escaped shortly after they recovered.

Some time later, Cannon and Saber were hired to kill Vigilante, an assignment they happily accepted. They pair ambushed Vigilante, but during the course of the battle, Saber was injured. Rather than risk Saber's health, Cannon chose to depart the scene with a wounded Saber in tow.

After Saber's recovery, the pair confronted Vigilante again. The battle came to an end when Vigilante managed to manipulate Cannon and Saber into wounding each other.


Since the pair's debut, there had been some minor clues that Cannon and Saber were more than just partners in crime. In Vigilante #35, though, Saber is shown giving a scantily-clad Cannon a back rub. When asked to confirm the relationship in the letters pages of a subsequent issue, editor Mike Gold said, "Yes. Saber and Cannon were indeed gay. Does it make a difference? No."

Powers and abilities

While they have no superhuman abilities, both Cannon and Saber possess top-notch skills in their weapons of choice. Cannon is an expert with knives and blades, while Saber is a marksman with considerable talent.

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