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Bruce is a major recurring character on Family Guy. He is a homosexual.


Bruce has been a recurring character ever since the beginning of the series. He is best known for the fact that he has a new job in every episode. His name never happened to come up in dialogue until the season 5 episode, "No Chris Left Beind", where his name was finally mentioned and Bruce broke the fourth wall, saying "Oh, hey. You said my name." He is in a relationship with a guy named Jeffrey.

His first appearance was in the episode "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", where he worked as the store clerk at a horror novelty shop.

Bruce started dating a man named Jeffrey in the episode "Stewie Kills Lois". In the episode "Road to the North Pole", Brude strongly implied that he was impatient for Jeffrey to propose marriage unto him. In the episode "Underage Peter", it was revealed that Bruce was 52 and that he lied to Jeffrey, saying that he was 39, just so that he could get him into bed with him.


  • Bruce's homosexuality was not explicitly mentioned in Family Guy until the episode "Underage Peter". Ironically, his homosexuality was explicitly mentioned the Family Guy's spin-off series, The Cleveland Show in the episode "BFFs", far before it was mentioned in Family Guy.

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