Brick is the male equivalent and the evil counterpart of Blossom. He is the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys and was originally created by Mojo Jojo. After being killed by the Powerpuff Girls' kiss of death, he was revived by HIM and was given a cootie shot to prevent the same mistake to be repeated. Opposed to Blossom's feminine color pink, Brick's color is a masculine fire engine red. His key element is "Puppy Dog's Tail." He is Blossom's arch-rival.

In Brick’s first appearance he was more of an evil leader and had respect for his brothers as he never hit on Boomer, unlike his reincarnated self. In his first appearance, he also commands how the boys would attack the Powerpuff Girls he was also like his brothers confirmed as a team. After his reincarnation, he becomes cruel, tough, devious, greedy, sinister, menacing, and gross. Like his brothers, he finds sadistic pleasure in beating and taunting those around him. In his initial appearance, his personality was closer to both of his brothers; proud, confident in his abilities and has a lust for evil. It is after his reincarnation by HIM that he begins showing a more argumentative, rude, unfriendly, mean, disrepectful and arrogant side. Like Blossom, Brick is the team leader of the Rowdyruff Boys, but true to form, he is much more powerful, violent, dangerous, ruthless, controlling, murderous and destructive. Blossom is logical and organized while Brick is short-tempered and reckless. He is overbearing, bossy, and vain; he never asks for input and is the final word on any action. Verbally and physically abusive, he is constantly yelling at his brothers for getting distracted or saying something stupid. Despite all this, in Issue 10 of the IDW Comic, Brick was willing to work alongside the girls and the Iron Viking against the Klin Ton without much convincing. Brick seems to be dumb, because in Bubble Boy he is seen thinking dumb is spelled "d-u-m" (along with Butch) though, Brick is smart, and he hides it to be cool, however he is smart enough to recognize both Mojo and HIM's own ignorance.


Brick's sexuality is still unknown. Mainly because The Powerpuff Girls is a child cartoon from 90s and LGBT- topic wasn't that popular to talk about. Also The Rowdyruff Boys are supposed to be around five year old what kids their age doesn't care about their sexualites but they do experiment. All three Rowdyruff Boys are shown as sexistic though. When Princess Morbucks was expecting him to accept her into the team, he laughted and then kicked her, saying "(To Princess) "Hello?! We're the Rowdyruff BOYS, and you are a lame sissy baby GIRL! Besides, anything a stupid girl can do, boys can do better! Watch!" - from episode Boy Toys" I don't know if he could be capable of loving someone romantically though. He could be also either aro/ace or demiromantic, he is not necessary gay just because he is sexistic. He also called Bubbles "babe" in episode "The Boys Are Back In The Town".


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