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Bling! (Roxanne "Roxy" Washington) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Universe, one of the student body in the Xavier Institute. Her first appearance was in X-Men vol. 2 #171.

Fictional character biography

Roxy Washington is daughter of celebrity couple Roy "Daddy Libido" Washington and Angel "Sexy Mutha" Depress, both very popular hip hop artists. Having appeared in her parents' rap videos from a young age, Washington was often targeted by would-be kidnappers and assassins.

Destined to follow in her parents' footsteps, Washington turned her back on the music industry and enrolled as a student at the Xavier Institute under the tutelage of Gambit. At the Institute, Washington proved herself more interested in improving herself rather in the escalating human/mutant situation. Her school record shows her to be a good and attentive student with a strong sense of responsibility.

As a member of Gambit's squad, Washington was forced to deal with the arrival of newcomer Foxx's infatuation with her teacher, despite being attracted to Foxx herself, until Foxx was revealed to be the shapeshifting Mystique. Whether she considers herself lesbian or bisexual is not yet known. Bling retained her powers after M-Day. She has been seen helping out with Havok's squad during the Sentinels' arrival and Apocalypse's return due to lack of members, particularly due to Polaris' depowerment, Wolverine's frequent disappearances, and Gambit's betrayal.

As Washington alone has aided the X-Men on several risky missions, it seems the X-Men find her suited for missions. In the Mercury Falling arc, Roxy has revealed recently that though she has a knack for field missions, she is intimidated by the idea of being a full-time X-Team member, and has even contemplated leaving the institute with Onyxx.

Quest for Magik

Bling is seen captured by Belasco in Limbo alongside most of the other students.

Powers and abilities

Her bone marrow is able to produce diamond shards of varying quality, giving her skin a crystalline appearance, which allows her to expel shards from her body at high velocity and grants her enhanced durability.


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