A biromantic lesbian is someone who is romantically attracted to more than one gender but is only sexually attracted to women. It is a fairly new term and could be classed as a micro-label linked to bisexual and lesbian identities. This is perfect for all the ladies who feel as tho there are lesbian but occasionally have romantic feelings for a man/non-binary,etc. This sexual identity is 100% valid


There are currently two flags used by the bi-romantic lesbian community. The First flag used is the original flag which is the lesbian flag with a heart showing the bisexual colours layered on top.

The second flag was created by Instagram user Sapphic.violets_with.tea in 2020 after she found the first flag less attractive and wanted something to identify with more. The colours of the second flag are used to represent different genders. Red and pink representing women, White to represent Non-Binary people or people who do not identify with either male or female, and blue representing men. The imbalance of red is to show more attraction to women, however the blue and white is still there to show romantic attraction to more than one gender.

This is the original Bi-Romantic Lesbian Pride Flag created by Unknown.

This flag is a newer version of the flag created by Instagram user Sapphic.violets_with.tea after she found the original flag to be less attractive.