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Ass worship (or booty worship) generally describes a sexual obsession with the buttocks and/or anus; or any type of sexual game in which a submissive is motivated by a real or pretend attraction to their partner's "ass".

Ass worship may also describe a BDSM practice in which a submissive kisses and licks the buttocks and/or anus of the dominant partner (this definition is very similar to rimming). It is considered by some as a particularly degrading form of domination and will usually involve the submissive partner kneeling or in another lowly position, treating the person being worshipped as the dominant. In particular face sitting or smothering may be applied in order to emphasise the control of the dominant over the submissive. A queening stool may also be used to facilitate this activity. Ass worship commonly involves a woman in the dominant role (femdom) and a submissive man; it is also practiced, however, by homosexuals of both genders.

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