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Abubakar Hamza (born 1985) is a Nigerian cross-dresser who spent 7 years dressed as a woman and selling aphrodisiacs.

Hamza used a name Fatima Kajawi and lived as a woman with the Adamu family in Kano, northern Nigeria. In his own village he had a wife but in a city he dressed as a woman and sold aphrodisiacs to women for living. Sharia enforcers arrested him in September 2004. He was charged under the Prostitution and Immoral Acts law of the Sharia penal code, which was reintroduced in Kano in 2000.

In a trial on February 15 2005 Hamza was sentenced to six months in prison, fined for equal to $38 and was told to stop his "immoral behavior". A local resident paid the fine in his behalf. At that stage he had already spent nine months in jail so he was released.

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