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  • A new penal code is introduced in Portugal, which lowers the age of consent for heterosexual acts to 14; however it retains an age of consent of 16 for homosexual acts.
  • Sweden legalizes registered partnerships (a common-law marriage or civil union) with all the rights of marriage - except for marriage in a church and adoption.


  • May 25 - In Egan v. Canada the Supreme Court of Canada rules that sexual orientation is a prohibited ground of discrimination under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a part of the constitution. Section 15 does not explicitly list sexual orientation, but is designed to permit the addition of new grounds by the courts. The ruling will have a wide impact since section 15 applies to all laws, including human rights laws that prohibit discrimination by all employers, landlords, service providers and governments.


  • October 10 - United States Supreme Court hears opening arguments in Romer v. Evans, the case that would eventually overturn Colorado's Amendment 2, which banned gay rights laws in the state.


  • November 7 - Australia's Christian Coalition says it will fight gay rights advances in the upcoming elections.
  • November 15 - The Florida Baptist state convention votes to begin a boycott of the Walt Disney Company after the firm extends domestic partner health benefits to employees.


  • December 29 - KOAA-TV in Colorado Springs, Colorado pulls talks shows by Jenny Jones and Carnie Wilson off the air because they include homosexuals as guests.




  • November 17 - James Woods III, 32, author of The Corporate Closet: The Professional Lives of Gay Men in America
  • November 20 - Steven Powsner, 40, former president of the New York City Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center

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